Fictional Infrastructure Cities: Gotham
Batman’s homeland is, of course, an invented city, but in its image there are a lot of details that are peculiar to very real American megacities. It is still not…

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Business built on the lease of movable and real estate
Among the huge variety of opportunities to earn money in the Russian market, a special place in view of its significant profit is occupied by the rental business. From time…

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Hard times: how to capitalize on the crisis
To live with dignity, you must work hard. This thesis is especially relevant during the crisis in the field of individual entrepreneurship. In this case, the person works for his…

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Why would a private investor need commercial real estate

What non-residential premises is now profitable to purchase for a private investor? How to choose the right building and which tenant to rely on? And why do developers have illiquid buildings become more expensive than apartments in the same residential complex?

The experts discussed these and other issues at the round table “Investments in commercial real estate” organized by the “Real Estate Bulletin”.

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homestaging – the main rules on how to sell real estate quickly and expensively

Agree that each seller of real estate seeks to sell his property as expensive as possible, and this is quite natural. Another thing is that not everyone has an idea how to convince the buyer to pay a tidy amount, given the high competition in the market.

For such cases, home staging will come to the rescue – a marketing technique that has come to us from the West.

The essence and origin of the concept
She continues to actively develop and relies on the achievements of design ideas, the activities of realtors and the psychology of consumer preferences. Continue reading

Apartment in Berlin: guaranteed comfortable old age

Experts today urge not to believe in the Pension Fund, but to provide for their own old age on their own. And here a completely logical question arises: what to invest in?

Apartment in Berlin: guaranteed comfortable old age
We need something guaranteed, giving a stable income, but at the same time requiring minimal participation from the owners. At least that is how most people think of an ideal investment.

The fact whether it is possible to earn on real estate, in our time is no longer in doubt. Another thing is that not everyone understands where to buy and why exactly there. Experienced experts suggest stopping at Germany: there are enough arguments in favor of this option. Continue reading

Top Business Ideas and Franchises from Around the World
How easy is it to open your real estate agency from scratch Quite often, young entrepreneurs think about opening their real estate agency from scratch. This is due to the…


Rustam Aliyev, partner of Bryan Cave Leighton Paisner (Russia) LLP (formerly in Russia - Goltsblat BLP), on the activity of Russian and foreign investors, prospects for transactions, trust and compromises.…


Business plan for a new radio station
When considering options for doing business in Russia, few people consider such a type of activity as opening their own radio station. Meanwhile, if this type of business is organized…


"Limiting construction volumes gives a chance for good architecture
At the VRN Architecture architectural forum, representatives of the professional community discussed the evolution of the urban environment, as well as the circumstances that contribute to this process or, conversely,…