Hard times: how to capitalize on the crisis
To live with dignity, you must work hard. This thesis is especially relevant during the crisis in the field of individual entrepreneurship. In this case, the person works for his…

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Подробное описание window cleaning у нас.
To open your own wholesale store is real
Having decided to start doing business in the retail sector, first of all, you need to decide which store you want to open - wholesale or retail. Suppose you choose…

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Business idea: homestaging - the main rules on how to sell real estate quickly and expensively
Agree that each seller of real estate seeks to sell his property as expensive as possible, and this is quite natural. Another thing is that not everyone has an idea…

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“Limiting construction volumes gives a chance for good architecture

At the VRN Architecture architectural forum, representatives of the professional community discussed the evolution of the urban environment, as well as the circumstances that contribute to this process or, conversely, block it. Nikolai Shumakov, President of the Union of Architects of Russia, member of the Presidium of the Russian Academy of Arts, expressed his vision of these processes in an exclusive interview with Arendator.ru.

Surveys appear that indicate that architecture has risen substantially in the hierarchy of customer priorities. Is it a local phenomenon or a steady global trend?

For me, the situation in this regard is extremely clear, because I know well what is happening in the country, including outside of Moscow, I travel a lot to the regions and try to keep abreast of this topic. Continue reading

Fictional Infrastructure Cities: Metropolis

Metropolis is one of the most developed, prosperous and densely populated cities of the fictional world. This is a recognized business center and home base of the largest (albeit also fictitious) corporations. Arendator.ru tells how a superhero megalopolis works and where superheroes live in it.

Metropolis does not just provide a backdrop for the characters – it is a character in itself. Moreover, such a character who has his own urban alter ego – Gotham. If Gotham is New York below 14th Street, then Metropolis is New York above 14th Street. Gotham is a nightly, gloomy, noir city, Metropolis is daytime, dynamic, business and businesslike. Gotham is dominated by the tragedy of a discredited utopia of universal law and integrity. Metropolis is free from such injuries. It is still unclear how they are located relative to each other. According to one version, there are hundreds of kilometers between them, and according to another, they are neighbors occupying different shores of one bay. Continue reading

How to open your store

Very often, the first ideas associated with opening a business are associated with opening a store. This is logical, because we see similar examples everywhere. It is impossible to walk the streets without noticing around successful outlets. We’ll talk about this one.

Opening a store is one of the easiest types of business to start. It is only necessary to find what to sell and where to buy. The availability of so many simple things at first glance often leads to disappointment precisely because of underestimation of the difficulties.

Business specifics
Let’s imagine what issues the owner faces in the course of his activities. Depending on the products sold, the specifics of the difficulties that arise will vary. For example, selling products has endless shelf life problems. When engaging in clothes, dresses or trousers that will always be on sale will always be on sale. In addition to profitability, you should always remember about stock. Since the level of wrapping is unimportant, if the product is not for sale. Continue reading

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Scooter rental - the idea of a summer business
Another very interesting line of business in the summer is scooter rental, they are also scooters. Making money on pleasure is a pleasant experience, in addition, from the point of…


Business built on the lease of movable and real estate
Among the huge variety of opportunities to earn money in the Russian market, a special place in view of its significant profit is occupied by the rental business. From time…


Small Business Idea: Capsule Hostel
Japanese clerks quickly embraced this idea, seeing a lot of advantages in such an inexpensive hotel. Most of the employees went to work from the suburbs, and therefore, they spent…


Blazhey Bernard Reiss: "In the near future - the launch of the Cofix Inside concept"
Not so long ago, changes occurred in the top management of the Russian representative office of Cofix. The new general director of Urban Cocofix Russia, Blazhei Bernard Reiss, gave his…