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Small Business Idea: Capsule Hostel

Japanese clerks quickly embraced this idea, seeing a lot of advantages in such an inexpensive hotel. Most of the employees went to work from the suburbs, and therefore, they spent a lot of time on the road. In addition, daily trips in crowded vehicles are too tiring.

Kisho Kurokawa developed this project and offered an excellent alternative to clerks – hard workers. Only here the Soviet people could not appreciate this idea, considering it humiliating and crazy. Europeans who love comfortable conditions did not like this idea either.

Small Business Idea: Capsule Hostel

What is the essence of the idea?

The Italian Antoine Chicheli, who wrote the book Life in a Capsule, says that in those days this idea really seemed to belittle human dignity. But if you look at it on the other hand, when a person is in a foreign city and is very busy, he will have several hours a day to sleep, moreover, he is rational or does not have free means.
It is such a person who will choose a hostel instead of paying for expensive apartments for several hours of deep sleep. The writer is sure that great prospects await the idea of ​​capsule hostels.

Many tourists write about the availability of hostels in different countries of Europe and Asia. The hostel rooms are comfortable and clean and affordable for the price. However, often in such hotels you have to pay for additional services, such as a key to the locker for things, for a blanket or towel, in case of treatment.

That is, the emphasis is on additional services, while not imposing them. At the present time of crisis, the business idea of ​​capsule hostels is in steady demand, writer Antoine Chicheli is convinced.

Kisho Kurokawa assures that six capsules can fit in one room. The basic rule of pricing for hostel services is in the ratio of the cost of an average hotel room and a hostel 4: 1.
For example, in your city, a room in a mid-level hotel costs 2000 rubles, so the cost of a hostel should not be more than 500 rubles. In this situation, even assigning the cost four times cheaper, you will receive one and a half times more than renting a room on an ongoing basis.

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And the most basic attributes are the common toilet – shower, and the mandatory availability of Wi-Fi network, they are the guarantors of the necessary comfort in the hostel. From the neighbors you can hide behind a curtain or plastic door.

And, of course, any owner of such a hotel should first worry about security, including fire. The presence of an air conditioner or air conditioning system is mandatory, and the capsules should be equipped with smoke and carbon monoxide sensors, which have direct access to the reception.

The separation of rooms by gender is important.

Experts say that the hostel business is an innovation for Russians, and the legislation governing their activities has not yet been developed, and therefore, when launching this project, it is worth following the same recommendations as when starting a hotel business. Inspectors from the sanitary epidemiological station and the fire inspectorate can spring up at any time.
Capsule equipment can be made independently in accordance with the schemes, or you can purchase ready-made cells that are produced in Japan and China.

In addition, this equipment has various modifications and configurations, up to equipping with a bed and a desk in a capsule approximately 2x1x1 m in size. With constant use of equipment or at least 75%, taking into account all the additional costs for the year, a capsule worth $ 1,000 completely will pay back.

Also a good turnover will bring a hostel, equipped in the business district of the regional center.

Recently, there has been a tendency to open a hostel in personal housing, as many Asians and Americans do, leaving one room for themselves.

Michael Scott in his apartment in New York equipped two rooms with ten capsules, and allocated one of the toilet rooms to the hostel. The initial capital of such an undertaking amounted to $ 40,000, but now it has $ 400 each day.

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