How to open your store
Very often, the first ideas associated with opening a business are associated with opening a store. This is logical, because we see similar examples everywhere. It is impossible to walk…

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ITKOL company is launching a program for 2017-2018. to improve service for customers of business centers. This event aroused the editors' desire to receive information from the source. We talked…

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Blazhey Bernard Reiss: "In the near future - the launch of the Cofix Inside concept"
Not so long ago, changes occurred in the top management of the Russian representative office of Cofix. The new general director of Urban Cocofix Russia, Blazhei Bernard Reiss, gave his…

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Scooter rental – the idea of a summer business

Another very interesting line of business in the summer is scooter rental, they are also scooters. Making money on pleasure is a pleasant experience, in addition, from the point of view of the organization, it is not at all difficult to open a scooter rental business.

This business does not require special difficulties. It takes only a few scooters of 49 dice and a good place to get a stream of customers. Almost anyone can ride, age restrictions from 14, target audience – 16-30 years. For a start, it would be nice to get five, or even ten mopeds.

To avoid unnecessary problems, when placing an order, you must adhere to several rules. Firstly, any issuance of a vehicle based on documents, i.e. a signed arena agreement with an evenly defined date of issue. Penalties must be provided if the moped is not returned in a timely manner. The issuance of equipment is made by providing a passport or a fixed amount of money as a security. In order not to engage in conversations and shaking funds for repair and recovery after damage to your scooters, immediately write down all possible options for property damage and liability. It is necessary to agree on the shore.

A scooter is not a motorcycle, since its engine capacity does not reach 50 cubic centimeters, therefore, the rights to control are not needed. However, it should be borne in mind that the law on the restriction of the right to drive mopeds was submitted to the State Duma for consideration in 2012. Probably, in the near future it will be necessary to have the rights to control such equipment.

A place
The place should not be particularly sophisticated with the choice. It is better to get closer to the places of so-called festivals and mass crowds. This refers to squares, parks, beaches and surrounding areas. You can also choose a place that is as convenient as possible so that it would be interesting to go somewhere to ride, at road junctions.

When choosing a rental location for mopeds, you can rely on two main strategies. The first is that you attract random people who decide to rent a scooter spontaneously. In this case, it is for this audience that you should work. The signboard is more casual, the atmosphere is more comfortable, so that the desire to ride only intensifies with the approach to your small business.

The second strategy is to attract customers who are ready to take a scooter for a longer time. For example, to break out into nature, to the same beach, or vice versa, go to a place where you can get rid of annoying vacationing neighbors. In this case, you should immediately think about where your newly made travelers can go. In this case, the exit points from the city in the direction of beautiful places are just right. Escaping into nature, not in your car, but driving a small moped is an exciting and attractive activity, especially after difficult hard working days. There are many who are ready to give up everyday vanity and unwind.

We should also talk about in which settlements this area of ​​summer business will be interesting. With a calm and measured village life, the desire to rent a moped is unlikely to appear, and besides, the total number of villages does not cause encouragement. But a large city filled with everyday bustle, traffic jams and just overpopulated by everyone in a row has the opportunity to bring a lot of people to your scooter rental point. It turns out that the larger the city, the more attractive the business. A fair comment for almost any type of business, if you do not forget about competition.

The more interesting the business, the more profitable it is, the more people who want to do it appear. It’s hard today to be an innovator in scooter rentals. I think this business is in any medium and especially large city. Therefore, it is simply necessary to analyze competition. Perhaps all the interesting places are already taken, but taking into account the simplicity of organizing a business, competition issues can be easily solved. You can just get a hat. The main thing here is to find a suitable place to catch more customers.

A good solution might be the next step – to count competitors. For example, you have already found a place for your future scooter rental and you understand that it is slightly better (or slightly worse) than that of another rental that catches your eye. It would be nice to analyze his work in order to get primary information about the possible number of customers and evaluate the possible flow. Take the trouble to look at their work, to calculate how many orders they have per day, how many equipment they have, what prices. Evaluate competitors and do better than theirs. Then your chances of success will increase significantly.

Advertising in this matter will not particularly help. I can’t imagine a newspaper ad or a sign above the road inviting me to rent a scooter. You can place advertising information near the base itself, so that casual passers-by, interested in the offer, can walk their legs. On a long journey exclusively for this pleasure.

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