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Apartment in Berlin: guaranteed comfortable old age

Experts today urge not to believe in the Pension Fund, but to provide for their own old age on their own. And here a completely logical question arises: what to invest in?

Apartment in Berlin: guaranteed comfortable old age
We need something guaranteed, giving a stable income, but at the same time requiring minimal participation from the owners. At least that is how most people think of an ideal investment.

The fact whether it is possible to earn on real estate, in our time is no longer in doubt. Another thing is that not everyone understands where to buy and why exactly there. Experienced experts suggest stopping at Germany: there are enough arguments in favor of this option.

Berlin: 10 facts for buying property for investment
In the modern world there are many actively developing cities. So why exactly the German capital? You can just look at the facts:

Active population increase. According to the most conservative estimates, by 3.8 million 3.8 million will live here. However, a direct study of statistics without resorting to expert opinions shows that we are talking more about 4 million. That is, experts are even very careful in their assessments.
An incredible number of tenants. Up to 85% of the population of the city rent apartments, not buy. Thus, demand will always be.
Nice choice. Since in Europe it is not particularly customary to purchase real estate, there will be no problems with a variety of options. Confirmation of what can be found through the Internet, as well as through modern real estate agencies working remotely.
The ability to carry out the transaction remotely. The contract is concluded through a proxy (lawyer). Guarantees are issued to the owner, in Germany with all this it is quite strict. Then you can just close the property and be content with income on the gradual capitalization of the property. But this option is not the most profitable, keep in mind that you have to pay utility bills, and real estate deteriorates over time. Therefore, it is optimal to lease, making a profit of up to 5% per year. Which is also quite realistic to do remotely through real estate agencies.
Stability. One family rents apartments in Germany for an average of 12 years. So you can count on a steady source of income.
Good profit margin. At the time of the summer of 2017, one apartment in Berlin a year brings from 9 to 12 thousand euros in its pure form. The specifics already depend on the number of rooms, location, repair and other points.
Minimal downtime. If the property is located in a sought after area, then it can be rented in just a few hours.
Security. German law treats investors with care. Therefore, you should not be afraid that you will be deprived of property. And when you infringe on your rights, no one bothers you to turn to lawyers.
An opportunity to take a loan. If you have 50 thousand euros as a starting capital, it is quite realistic to buy an apartment on a loan. Although the specifics are already dependent on banks.
It’s easier to move to permanent residence. The presence of property in Germany is not a basis for obtaining citizenship or a residence permit. But with a stable and legal income, it is much easier to do.
And in addition to all these arguments, I would like to note such a nuance: the earning scheme itself is completely reliable and legal. Almost all investment methods have some kind of risk. But here he is absent.

No one doubts whether it is possible to make money on real estate in Berlin. That is why it is chosen by the most conservative people in Europe who want to be firmly confident in the future.

Starting capital: how much is needed?

The key issue is money. How much does it take to enter? The approximate amount has already been announced above: 50 thousand euros.

The specifics depend on:

Number of rooms
Type of house, level of comfort (there are elite complexes, for example)
Additional benefits
At the same time, the location and the number of rooms are of key importance. Next comes the type of house.

As for the repair, the concept of “living condition”, when the taps can flow and the wallpaper peeling off, is absent in Germany. It is believed that this is an apartment requiring first investment. And such are sold quite rarely.

In general, it is best to collect the data yourself. It’s good in the world of the modern Internet to find out how much an apartment in Berlin costs, in just a few minutes, by going to search engines.
Ideally, if you also speak German at least at a basic level.

When working with information, it must be borne in mind that, as in the Russian-language segment of the Internet, here the first links will be the most expensive offers. But on 2-3 pages may appear irrelevant, although most sites are updated. Therefore, it is better to choose a middle ground.

When figuring out how much an apartment in Berlin costs, take into account that bargaining is quite possible and even welcome in some cases. True, this is indicated by an additional special mark.

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