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Business idea: homestaging – the main rules on how to sell real estate quickly and expensively

Agree that each seller of real estate seeks to sell his property as expensive as possible, and this is quite natural. Another thing is that not everyone has an idea how to convince the buyer to pay a tidy amount, given the high competition in the market.

For such cases, home staging will come to the rescue – a marketing technique that has come to us from the West.

The essence and origin of the concept
She continues to actively develop and relies on the achievements of design ideas, the activities of realtors and the psychology of consumer preferences.

In the same western countries, there are professional agencies that conduct their activities in this area. Their services are used not only by professional real estate companies, but also by individual sellers of real estate, especially when it comes to luxury expensive objects. Even the most difficult tasks help to solve such schemes of earning on real estate, although we have received certain national specifics.

Business idea: homestaging – the main rules on how to sell real estate quickly and expensively
The main purpose of this technique is the need to make any property as attractive as possible for the client.

There are a large number of techniques that allow you to raise the image of the building and premises, so that later you can sell it at the best price. The technique is aimed not just to interest the buyer, but even to fall in love with a particular object so that he longs to acquire it.

How effective is this, a logical question may arise from the reader?

According to statistics, in the same States, houses specially prepared are sold 10-20% more expensive than others.

The main rules of home staging

Now look at the basic rules of professional home staging. There is a rule of several “U”, which works for elite cottages and for typical panel apartments in high-rise buildings:

Cleaning. If you clean the room before each show, it will always look old and fresh, and will be able to sell much faster.
Universality. The house or apartment should be cleaned of objects, things that emphasize the tastes or individual preferences of the current owners. Otherwise, it is difficult for the buyer to associate himself with this room, in which too much reminds of the former owners.
Moderation. Any interior items, from furniture to light bulbs, should be as simple as possible, but at the same time, not look poor or dull, that is, without frills and ostentatious luxury.
Staffing. Before showing the room, you should check to see if the handles from the cabinet doors fall off, if the cracked mirror is hanging, how much the chandeliers and locks in the doors work.
Convenience. It is very important to make a positive first impression. Therefore, inspection of an apartment, office or home should be as comfortable as possible. It is worthwhile to make sure that there are no piles and blockages.
How it works
With all this, this technique is different from ordinary repairs or pre-sale design, although it includes many of them.

The main difference is that with home staging we do not seek to emphasize the individuality of those who live there. On the contrary, the space should be neat, but as impersonal as possible and consistent with the expectations and preferences of the classic buyer.

That’s why they say that you can not beat off the costs of professionally made repairs during the sale, but the services of professional home staging will definitely pay off! However, the budget should be carefully thought out and calculated so that each penny invested can bring more.

Therefore, professional realtors thoroughly know the real estate market, as well as the psychology of the average buyer.

Therefore, when we consider various schemes of earning on real estate, we must learn to look at it through the eyes of not the seller or the intermediary, but the buyer.

In other words, it is necessary to carry out depersonalization of the premises. The simplest thing is to take your favorite drawings and photographs off the walls. It does not occur to many even to carry out a general cleaning before the sale. They continue to live everyday and familiar lives and, at the same time, show their homes day after day to customers.

Of course, we are not talking about moving out of the apartment as soon as we put it up for sale. However, we are faced with the task of hiding the flaws to the maximum, emphasizing the merits.

Among the simple recipes there are also such as appointing a show at a time when the porch or courtyard is cleaned and looks the most advantageous. Neighbors should also be warned and asked not to smoke on the common landing or in the vestibule an hour before the arrival of customers.

Windows should be washed, both inside and out. A potential buyer may want to look at the views that are opening up, and he will have an unpleasant surprise in the form of a flies dried on a glass, a spider with a cobweb, or something like that.

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