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Business Idea: Selling Modular Homes

Modular homes are a recent trend in real estate; not everyone knows what it is, and even more so how to make money from it.

Nevertheless, the income from the sale of one such building in the regions can be more than 50% of its value, and the production time for modular houses does not exceed two months.

Want to know how much your modular home sales manager makes? Read about it in our article!

What are modular homes
Modular houses – economy class housing, actually a house at the price of an apartment.

Business Idea: Selling Modular Homes
As a rule, the area of ​​such houses is not too large: sometimes people can contain everything necessary for life in 20 square meters, but if you want, you can build a full-fledged house with an area of ​​100-200 square meters. In addition, it is possible to make a house of 5-7 tiers (floors).

Business Idea: Selling Modular Homes
Modular houses are manufactured at the factory from standard racks and panels of a strictly fixed size.

In fact, it turns out a kind of construction house, when each block: kitchen, dining room, bathroom, bedroom, hallway, pantry, is done separately, and then assembled together, and the result is a full-fledged house. Being inside such a room, you may not have to guess how it was built in an unconventional way.

Modern modular houses are not just country houses; they are adapted to the climatic conditions of our country and are quite suitable for year-round living, because there are all amenities: sewage, water, heating, gas, etc.

This is a comfortable and functional housing: the frame is made of metal or wood, then sheathe it inside with cement-bonded particleboards, and outside – with special moisture-resistant plywood.

In addition, a layer of insulation is always laid under the casing. The degree of insulation depends on the region in which the house will be installed.

The assembly process at the factory takes from one to two months, depending on the size of the house. If you choose a typical design, you can assemble modules even faster. Then the blocks are transported into place and installed by a team of workers under the guidance of engineers: the installation of finished blocks takes only a few days.

All this makes modular home business strategy so attractive.

Five benefits of modular homes for investors

The traditional method of construction is fraught with many difficulties: you need to control the workers, purchase materials, etc.

But modular houses are assembled in factories, so here the customer, investor and intermediary are spared from many related problems. Even plumbing and windows will be installed at the production stage.

Very short assembly time. If you have a standard kit, it can take only 20-25 days. In any case, the assembly of all modules, even for a large multi-tiered house, will not last more than two months.
Construction at any time of the year. At the factory, work does not stop either in the snow or in the rain, so you are not tied to the season and weather conditions.
Low cost for the buyer. Such houses will always be in demand, especially in times of crisis! As they say, it’s cheaper only for nothing.
Low cost for investors. They will not need to invest large amounts in this project or take a mortgage. Even if you don’t have your own money, you can get by with a consumer loan or even several credit cards with a large limit.
These advantages make modular home business strategy highly attractive. If everything is correctly calculated and quickly find a buyer, then the invested funds can return almost immediately.

How to do business on modular homes: two options
First option

If you have the money or the opportunity to attract serious investors, you can buy a plot and build several standard houses there, and then sell them. As practice shows, they are in demand among the population. Buyers can use maternity capital funds.

But, despite the low cost, buying a plot of land and several modular houses will still cost a pretty impressive amount, so this option is not available to everyone.

Second option

You can build modular houses without even having money. There is a way to make money as an intermediary or as a distributor, in fact, selling homes in the regions. This will require:

Find a reliable factory that produces them. Pay attention to the manufacturer’s reputation and customer reviews.
Find a buyer for modular homes with a plot of land. If a person has previously been engaged in the sale of real estate and he has an accumulated customer base, then this should not be a problem. If not, then advertise your services, talk about the benefits of modular homes to your friends, in social networks, etc.
Agree and approve the layout. At this stage, you need to conclude a contract and take from the buyer, if not the full cost of the house, then at least an advance payment.
Send the order to the factory.

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