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Mobile homes: a fresh business idea from the USA

Do you know that in the USA and Great Britain one of the most successful businesses is the maintenance of the mobile housing park? If you still think that mobile housing are trailers that are imposed on us in various series and films, then this is not at all the case.

Now mobile housing differs from capital only in its service life. The appearance of the house is practically indistinguishable from an ordinary house, in the factory it is produced according to a standard project with all the accessories and “chips” laid.

In most cases, such a mobile real estate park most resembles a small neat village with typical buildings.

Mobile homes – reality or fiction?

What is the difference between mobile homes?

Firstly, the relatively low cost of production. Because all the houses are produced according to one standard design at the factory, they are assembled and delivered to the park location.

The cost of each “house” is greatly reduced relative to the “classic” counterpart due to the fact that production is put on stream. In addition, such houses are not real estate.

Secondly, the transportation of houses is carried out using special platforms. In the place of its deployment, the house is put on a special platform-piles (so that access to the connection of communications is as simple as possible), then the piles are closed and decorated with panels and voila! You can populate and live!

The internal content of the house does not differ from a classic house or apartment – a kitchen, dressing room, bathroom and toilet – all for the convenience of the owners.

For the first time, such houses became popular in the middle of the last century in the USA. People moved around the country in search of a new job, new acquaintances or adventures, and all things were taken along in a small van.

Mobile homes – reality or fiction?

In order not to be exposed to danger from the outside, the owners of the vans began to unite in large parks – this added convenience and safety. And now, such parks are a collection of people with approximately similar incomes, interests, etc.

Wherever the park is located, all residents of mobile homes can safely talk about cost savings. Such parks are popular in the suburbs of megacities – then all residents can safely go to work in the city and return to their home out of town every evening.

Of all US residents, about 20% of people live in mobile homes. The cost of such a typical project house is approximately 10% of the cost of capital housing, however, over the years, the cost of the house will not grow, but fall, and it is unlikely that it will last for more than one generation of people. But if you do not intend to inherit a Victorian-style capital home, then such housing can be a great solution.

In order to make a profitable business out of mobile housing parks, the following conditions must be met:

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1. Choose the right location for the park. It should be located either near a large city, or within the city, which is always interesting to people who come in search of work.

2. The cost of renting housing in the city should be high, otherwise no one will want to change life in a comfortable apartment within the city for life in a comfortable house outside the city or on its outskirts.

3. The location of the park should be thought out in such a way that the connection of communications is as simple as possible in issuing permits and in execution.

4. The main source of income for the owners of the park of mobile homes is an expensive lease of land. That is, the landlord takes most of the land for a certain amount, and leases the land in small plots with a pre-inflated value.

If you choose the target audience of such houses, then everything will depend on the mentality of the inhabitants of the country. In the United States, such housing is considered the lot of young and ambitious people who do not want to stay in one place, and are moving forward all the time. In England, such mobile homes are interesting for pensioners who want to spend their old age in various interesting places.

Mobile homes – reality or fiction?

Here is the time to tell you about another direction in the construction of mobile homes – these are luxury homes.

Elite, luxurious housing, which is simply created to relax on the shores of the sea or lake. Indistinguishable from housing with a foundation, beautiful and stylish – this project has not yet found its fans in the United States, but in the UK it has not only the organizer Alfie Best, but also a whole army of fans that keeps Best hotels empty throughout the year.

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