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To open your own wholesale store is real

Having decided to start doing business in the retail sector, first of all, you need to decide which store you want to open – wholesale or retail.

Suppose you choose the first option and now you must understand that you have become a supplier for those who trade in retail. It is necessary to determine the goods, because everyone has their own specifics. Consider the opening order on the example of a wholesale clothing store.

Wholesale clothing store To start, you need to register your activity, find a suitable room, start an advertising campaign. Since the wholesale clothing store is designed for distributors, then advertising should be aimed at them, and not at the consumer directly. It is very effective is advertising on the Internet. It is also simpler with the premises – you can save on it, as representatives of retail stores will arrive at any available place or you will have delivery. Also, regular customers can provide a discount.

In this area of ​​business there is an interesting direction – stock clothing stores. These stores buy wholesale clothing from official manufacturers, which for some reason they did not sell to retail stores in full. Many people confuse stock and second-hand, but these are two different things. Stock goods are branded items that have not been sold for the season.

An important point at the beginning of the journey
Another of the main points before starting a business is a business plan, which is necessary as an internal management tool. In this regard, they note the important strategic directions of development, marketing, business operations, the legal form of the enterprise.

Description of services and market analysis
Wholesale storeWholesale store will provide individuals and organizations with the following list of services:

sale of discounted clothes (clothing of past seasons),
sale of cheap clothes (clothing from Turkish, Chinese and European wholesale manufacturers).
This list of services is not complete and at any time can be supplemented as desired.

Profitability in this segment of the market is quite high and can reach up to 600%. Thus, the stock store is a type of profitable enterprise. The main idea of ​​this business is that the store makes a profit at the expense of turnover, and not at the expense of trade margins.

Production plan
Of course, the first step according to the plan is to find the necessary retail space, and unlike the retail ones, the stock store, and even the wholesale one, allows you to work simply at the warehouse you like, since potential customers will come to you anyway.

Wholesale buyer After the premises are found, proceed to its design and search for suppliers, the main tidbit of which is located abroad. Here it is necessary to remember that working with suppliers is meticulous, in it you can draw up a procurement plan for convenience.

Next should determine the staff. For a wholesale store you will need:

sellers – 2 people;
sales manager – 1-2 people;
accountant – 1 person (possibly coming);
Manager – 1 person (to save money in the beginning, you may be).
It’s important to understand clearly from the very beginning of your business. what each employee is responsible for. After all this, deploy an advertising campaign and begin work. Surprise customers with the price, pleasant service and see how the number of customers increases and regular customers appear.

Finance is an important part
Finance can be divided into two columns: expenses and income.

Wholesale clothing store for schoolchildrenCosts consist of the cost of renting a room, staff salary, purchasing goods and advertising costs that will be required to open a stock store. According to experts, the opening of a large wholesale store (1000-3000 sq. M) will require investment of about 3 million rubles, which is estimated as a very low starting investment.

Revenues are added directly from the sale of clothing, i.e., net profit. As practice shows, the profit of such a store is about 15 thousand rubles a month from 1 square. m. It is easy to calculate that you will pay for yourself in six months or a year. And remember that the stock store will always be in demand, because even in the best stores after sales, 30-50% of collections remain illiquid.

Finally, all the troubles are over, the business is “at the start”, the sign “opening tomorrow” hangs on the doors, and the heart beats anxiously. On the first day you can give nice souvenirs, hold promotions, decorate the hall with balloons and create a festive atmosphere. Of course, in the first months it will be a lot of trouble, but then weekdays will come, and only time will show how your grandiose plans will come true and what success awaits you in this business.

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