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How to open an optics salon

Optics trading is one of the most profitable types of business. About a quarter of the country population has vision problems. The fact that this market is only half full speaks in favor of opening an optics salon.

Opening of the optics salon

The organization of a business selling optical products has its own specific points that you need to know about in advance, even before the opening of the salon.

What is preferable for opening an optics salon LLC or IP?
The question is not idle, since the format of this field of activity directly depends on what form of ownership the company has. An individual entrepreneur, of course, can engage in the sale of optical products, but it will only be ready-made sunglasses or glasses with corrective lenses. In this case, an inexpensive store or even a retail outlet can be opened.

In order to put things down to a more serious level, licenses will be needed, and they are issued only to organizations with the form of ownership of LLC (Limited Liability Company).

Why do I need a license to operate the salon?
Registration of necessary documents Firstly, in order for the salon to be able to sell according to recipes, which involves not only the selection of ready-made glasses, but also their manufacture. To do this, you need a license to manufacture medical equipment.
Secondly, in order to attract a larger contingent of customers, a good optics store organizes an office for eye examination and, accordingly, for an individual selection of glasses or lenses. Here you need a license for medical activity.

An entrepreneur can collect documents for issuing a license himself and transfer them to licensing authorities or contact a law firm.

Choosing a room for an optician
To begin with, it is worth conducting a market analysis in the place where there is an intention to organize the sale of optics. Close attention should be paid to the saturation in the immediate environment with retail outlets of a similar orientation and the range of services they provide. If a decision is made that the competition is weak, then the search for premises begins. The store should be in a place with high traffic or in a shopping center.

Here we are talking about a serious trading company and the service for checking eyesight will most likely be provided. In this case, the room should be an area of ​​50 square meters or more. It will take another separate place for the manufacture and repair of glasses. It can be organized here or taken out to another building altogether.

The warehouse for the optical salon is usually not required.

Room decoration
Much of the choice of finishing materials for the design of an optics salon will be determined by licensing requirements. But the color scheme is individual for each object.
The equipment of the optical salon includes: counters, display cases and racks for glasses.

Specialized furniture is usually equipped with lighting and built-in mirrors. Racks for corrective and sunglasses, as a rule. are issued separately. The window design needs to be given due attention so that it attracts the eye, and it was impossible to pass by it without noticing. It is advisable to attract a professional designer for interior decoration.

To test eyesight, specialized equipment and devices are installed: a sign projector, a slit lamp, an autorefkeratometer (a computer for checking eyesight), a diopter, a papillometer, and a set of lenses for fitting. Here is an incomplete list of mandatory equipment cabinet. In fact, the need for equipment is determined by an ophthalmologist.

Optical stores along with corrective glasses and lenses include sunglasses in their assortment. Recently, the fashion industry has been actively using a stylish eyeglass frame with ordinary glasses and decorative lenses that change eye color, which also occupy a certain place on the counter of the optical salon, to create an image. Moreover, the choice of frames and sunglasses should be wide, as well as the price range.

For this, the salon must have reliable suppliers of goods for which all optical products and frames are certified.

Diverse simulators for strengthening eyesight should take their place in the list of products of the store.

The assortment of the interior will be incomplete without various accessories: solutions for cleaning lenses, cases, cases and chains for glasses.

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