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How to open an elite real estate agency
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We open a franchise of a real estate agency: how everything is arranged and how much you can earn

Real estate companies help arrange real estate transactions, taking care of all organizational issues: from finding options to concluding a mortgage agreement. Earn such companies on the agency commission. The volume of real estate transactions conducted in Russia is comparable with the volume of the country’s budget, so a real estate agency is a profitable business with large average receipts.

You can open a real estate company in your city by franchise. The federal company Etazhi is present in more than 80 cities and six countries and sells franchises to cities with a population of 50 thousand or more. The company ranks third in Russia in the rating of franchises of the Biboss portal and the first in the services sector.

This material contains answers to the main questions related to the opening of a successful real estate agency.

What you need to know at the start

Answer three questions:

Does it make sense to open a franchise in this city? Evaluate the local market: how often do residents buy and sell real estate here, how many mortgage loans are issued. Specialists of “Floors” can help with this; they have data from banks and Rosreestr.
How much money are you willing to invest? This will affect the payback period and the rate of gaining market share. The larger the investment, the faster the growth of the company.
Are you ready to get yourself a new job? A real estate franchise is not like a microfinance organization or store franchise. You need to be constantly involved in daily work. Such a business is not suitable for those who simply want to diversify their income.
Practice shows that the best franchise owners are former top managers and current owners of a real estate agency. For the first, this is an opportunity to try yourself in a business with small investments and low risks. For the second – the opportunity to reformat the business, grow and increase revenue.

How much can you earn on a franchise

It all depends on several factors: the size of the city, the amount of investment, whether the business starts from scratch or on the basis of an existing agency.

Rough estimates are as follows: for the opening of a franchise in a city with a population of 100 thousand people, it will take 1.5–2 million rubles of investment. This is money for office equipment, hiring and training employees. Operating expenses include rental and maintenance of the office and payroll. At the start, you can dozens of employees, hiring new ones with the growth of the company. Floors does not have a lump-sum contribution, the partner pays only royalties – 4% of the proceeds.

With this model, revenue can reach 3 million rubles a month or more in a year with an average business profitability of 17%.

You can earn not only on the agency commission, but also on real estate insurance, mortgage lending and investment projects of developers. For example, an agency with a large volume of market data can buy objects in a house under construction at a low price, and then sell it at a high price.

Vitaly Kurbatov, Director of the Franchising Department of Etazhi:
One of the advantages that our partners receive when working in the real estate market is the expansion of their circle of contacts. The head of an effective real estate agency becomes a partner for developers and bankers – wealthy and influential people, with whom you can implement interesting mutually beneficial projects. The company has its own analytical center with a huge amount of information about the market, therefore specialized authorities are beginning to listen to our franchisees, are invited to meetings and round tables on the real estate market, and other market participants are being consulted.

Meeting in the Office of Rosreestr in the Tyumen region
Meeting in the Office of Rosreestr in the Tyumen region
Photo: LLC “Floors”

How is the launch of a franchise real estate agency

Opening a franchise, from filing an application to starting work, takes about two months. Here are the main launch steps:

Acquaintance with the “Floors” on Skype. You will tell about yourself, get answers to questions and agree on further actions.
Market research. You, together with the staff of “Floors”, will appreciate the local real estate market. It should be capacious enough so that you can earn.
A trip to the central office. You will be invited to the head office in Tyumen for a close acquaintance with the company. Heads of departments talk about how Floors build a business and achieve efficiency. After that, both parties will have time to consider the solution. If everyone is happy with the prospects of cooperation, you can sign a contract.
Office opening. The whole process is supervised by the launching manager of the Floors.
To educate its employees at all levels, Floors has developed a training portal. Here, all the information necessary for work is collected in courses, which employees of new branches receive access to. Training is an important part of the training process: the better the staff is trained, the faster it starts to bring revenue to the partner.

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