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A look at the offices of the future: where and how will the new generation work

Some statistics

A survey of the popular HeadHunter job search site showed that in early 2019, more than 31% of modern workers chose remote work. Of these, 14% are free freelancers and 17% are remote employees in the company. The highest share of independent employees is in the Moscow, Samara and Rostov regions. And in a couple of years, the main part of the labor market will be occupied by representatives of generation Z – people who are extremely interested in free relations with the office and work.

Generation Z and his attitude to office work

What are the key features of the Z generation? These people are advanced and modern, they love trends and track market trends. However, many of them are infantile and spoiled. They want fast career growth, good positions and interesting tasks. It is difficult for them to carry out routine work and participate in lengthy work processes.

Therefore, the workspace for generation Z should be different, not classic. Young people appreciate the original approaches and solutions, so the offices for them should be interesting, with non-standard design solutions. It is necessary to create an environment for them in which they will feel better. This is the digitalization of work processes, and the opportunity to relax in the workplace, and the lounge atmosphere. They do not need to set a rigid framework, but they need to set specific tasks and deadlines in order to get a specific result at the input. Now in offices you need to find an idea that will enhance the benefits of space for work. This is not only design, but also various atypical possibilities: a place to sleep, for example (if the hour of sleep affects the result of work, then why not?).

Gamification of the workflow will positively affect work efficiency. This will allow them to grow in the company, develop and fight with the inherent infantility of their generation. If the office is comfortable to be and work, then the result of labor will be higher. The main thing is that employees like the solution of the office space, and it is convenient for them. So, it is important to consider the needs of your staff.

Workflow approaches: classic vs new solutions

Generation Z does not perceive an authoritarian management style, that is, a classic, manufacturing business, a strict approach. Therefore, in classical offices there are few people from this generation. And if the office is modern, with new technologies, then in such a young staff feel better and show the best result.

Company directors customize their system as part of their business through their perceptions of the world. If they believe that people can create uncontrollably, providing high results, then they will organize office space and work of employees according to new, more free, principles, choosing one management model. They can easily hire employees to work remotely and usually focus not on the time spent at work, but on the concrete result.

Others see their work system with strict control and supervision; it is important for them to monitor all work processes and receive reports along with the results. And if business is superimposed on it, then it will be a strict system, and this provides for a classic office and a classic approach to organizing the work of employees. It is difficult to enter the idea of ​​the work of personnel from generation Z here, on the contrary, they will have to adhere to the strict requirements of the business.

Business managers who understand and take the free approach inherent in Generation Z build relationships with employees differently. Work on the result becomes a determining factor for them, so they can even give up control of the work process and are ready to create comfortable conditions for achieving the result. For example, create a mobile application for work or an environment for creativity, reflection, solving work problems. Since the Z generation is a generation from the digital world, this is important for them.

Generation Z often chooses freelance. And in this regard, the coworking format is interesting. Self-employed coworking is perfect, especially if it’s a conceptual space. This format is also close to people working in the startup segment – these are again representatives of the Z generation.

If we talk about self-employed, then generation Z chooses IT and creative (advertising, marketing) companies. 90% of the staff of such companies are young and creative people. Such a format of the company will allow them to create, and relax during breaks. Classics compresses their capabilities and prevents them from developing.

Office of the future: what is it like?

All modern employees need a non-standard office format: classy, ​​pleasant, which I want to tell partners and friends about, where I want to be and communicate with colleagues. In such an office, corporate culture is strengthened, there is no desire to sit from call to call to leave at exactly 18:00. When the office has a developed infrastructure, then for the Z generation it is a great option.

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