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How to open an elite real estate agency
Real estate transactions are one of the most profitable commercial events. The cost of apartments and country houses in recent years shows statistics of steady growth, therefore, even secondary housing…

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How to open an elite real estate agency

Real estate transactions are one of the most profitable commercial events. The cost of apartments and country houses in recent years shows statistics of steady growth, therefore, even secondary housing is sold with a tangible “margin”.
As for the elite real estate, the attention to it decreased slightly only in the “dashing” times of the economic crisis.

Potential sellers

Who can sell luxury real estate? What qualities should a potential seller of elite housing have?
No need to explain that experience in this sales area is vital. Unprofessionalism is the enemy of reputation, a friend of ruin.

The second nuance, which upon closer examination turns out to be the determining, significant factor, is money. Their sum should be estimated at more than one hundred thousand, otherwise it is not worth starting.

In general, the seller of luxury real estate is a former realtor who already imagines how much it costs and who needs it all. But the financial status of customers and goods is much higher, which means that the requirements for the seller also increase.

Office rental

Presenting the agency in a given way is called upon not only advertising, but the whole structure of building a business. An office in a prestigious area of ​​the city, competent staff, and, of course, the head himself.

At the initial stage, renting a solid room is difficult due to limited funds. However, its high cost in a short time will pay off by the number of customers who contacted the office. The farther from the city center the actual address of the agency, the less likely it is to attract attention.

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The interior of the office also matters. An elite real estate agency, at a minimum, should have expensive office furniture and office equipment. If at the entrance the client notices shabby chairs and tables, computers of the 20th century, trampled floors, then most likely he will think that he was mistaken with the address. It’s worth considering that the best advertising is recommendations. It is unlikely that such a client would recommend such an elite agency to his friends and colleagues, but rather, on the contrary.

Cadres decide everything

The traditionally opening luxury real estate agency already has a certain “backbone” of associates. It is impossible for one to do all the work alone, therefore he is formed from universal people who have professional skills in the field of administration and analytics. Naturally, an employee of an agency of this level should have a stable status of a “selling” agent: be able and willing to sell.

Another important point: the appearance of your employees. An untidy agent in clothing from the market will long achieve a successful purchase. But at the same time he will have time to spoil the image of the company. It is clear that the head does not have the right to demand branded expensive things on each employee, but accuracy and tidiness will play a role.

Of course, each agent should be able to speak literary Russian. This is also the key to success. Maybe it makes sense, before opening an elite real estate agency, to conduct trainings for its employees. Trainings are presented in abundance today. You can choose classes for sales, ethics of communication and so on. The main thing is not to forget that each full-time unit is the face of the company, and they will be judged by it as well. Therefore, do not regret the money invested in staff development.

All the work of renting an office and selecting staff is undertaken by the head. Since the financial burden lies entirely on him, it is necessary to approach these issues with all responsibility. Errors are fraught with losses.

How to advertise services?

As for self-promotion, there is no better business card than your own website. Promotion through the World Wide Web is a highly effective tool for attracting customers and investments, therefore, when forming the budget of the agency, this expense item should also be taken into account.

However, do not ignore the segment of potential customers outside the Internet. Today, not everyone uses it, although most.
Before ordering advertising on various media, think about who your main client is, where he can live and what to do. For example, if you plan to order a banner in a city advertising with an elite real estate agency, then you should not place it in the so-called poor areas. There is hardly the right customer. But it is likely that he often lives in areas where there are many business centers. Maybe advertising there will be more expensive, but more efficient.

The same can be said of other types of advertising. But in general, the best advertising is recommendations. If 10 clients leave you satisfied, then there is every chance that they will involuntarily bring as many more people.

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