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How to choose an office

If a theater starts with a hanger, then a business begins with an office. It is difficult to overestimate its value, and choosing an office space is also not easy. However, there are rules, following which you can make the right decision.

The most important thing is to understand what exactly you need, “formulate a request”.

It would seem that it is very simple – you need to choose an office. But which one? .. How many people will work in it? Where should it be located geographically? What characteristics do you have? How much is it? All these questions should be answered before starting the search for an office space. talked with experts in the field of commercial real estate and identified 6 steps towards an ideal office.

1. Designate the budget

Professional brokers in this matter are quite categorical – a start-up company does not need an expensive office in a prestigious area. Even if you have money for this, it is better to invest them in business development.

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Saving at the office is quite real. First of all, due to the proper negotiation – the discount can amount to 5-30% of the declared value of the premises. So get ready to bargain!

However, it is always worth remembering that the price of an office is not only the money that you will spend on rent, but also related costs: utility bills, the cost of cleaning, security, parking, etc. In some cases, the amount of these expenses may be comparable to the rental rate. Do not forget about this in your quest to find an office cheaper.

2. Calculate the required number of jobs

This is the first place to start. And you need to focus not on the number of employees that you currently have – think ahead. Today your company employs 8 people. Six months later, you will take two more. If you have exactly 8 office places, you will have to move, and this is an extra cost.
It makes sense to immediately rent an office with a view to the likely replenishment of the staff.

The norm of office space – how to calculate the number of jobs per 10 people

There are special sanitary standards, according to which, when using LCD monitors in an office building, at least 4.5 square meters of space should be available per workstation. This does not take into account auxiliary office equipment (printers, scanners, etc.) – it also emits electromagnetic waves, which means that it requires additional area.

In addition, an additional 4 square meters of space should be allocated for each employee.

Thus, 4.5 + 4 = 9.5 square meters – a minimum area for 1 employee.

9.5×10 = 95 sq.m – minimum area for 10 employees.

The calculation seems to be correct, but … When calculating the required area for 1 person in the office, only free space is taken into account – the aisles between tables, as well as parts of the room occupied by furniture or equipment, are not taken into account. Accordingly, the total office area for 10 people in accordance with the standards will be much larger than 95 sq.m. Most often – at least 120-130 sq.m.

Sanitary standards are not the only things to consider when calculating office space. The larger the room, the greater the quota for parking spaces. Will customers often visit you on your transport? Then it makes sense to rent a larger office.

3. Specify the location of the office

The territorial factor may be more or less important. For example, it is very convenient for one company to rent an office in a specific area – next to its own production facility or warehouse. For others, it is enough that the room is near the metro. For third, the location does not matter at all.

If you personally do not have strict requirements for the geography of the office, contact the staff. Perhaps most of them live in the same area? Then it is worth paying attention to it. It will be more convenient for employees to get to the office, and satisfied employees are the key to the success of your business.

Do not forget also that the office class largely depends on the location.

Offices are usually divided into classes A, B and C.

Class A – these are elite business centers located in the city center.
Class B – less expensive and prestigious, but quite comfortable offices in areas with good transport accessibility. They are often conditionally divided into subclasses B + and B- (more and less expensive, respectively).
Class C is the cheapest office. They are usually located in buildings that “leave much to be desired”, far from the subway and main transport arteries.
This, of course, does not mean that a good office space can be found only in the city center. But still, there is a certain relationship between quality and location of the office.

4. Decide on the lease term

Office space is not an apartment. They don’t take it off by the day (although this also happens with smart offices).

An office rental period can be from 1 month to several years. As a rule, it is directly dependent on the area of ​​the premises – large offices are rented out for years, small ones – for months.

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