Business in Dubai
A paradise for investors and businessmen is the second name of the city of Dubai. The plans of Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al-Maktoum, the ruler of Dubai, and the government…

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How to make money on real estate
The Russian housing market is still too young by world standards, and therefore many of our compatriots, having met in the media articles on how to make money on real…

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We open a franchise of a real estate agency: how everything is arranged and how much you can earn
Real estate companies help arrange real estate transactions, taking care of all organizational issues: from finding options to concluding a mortgage agreement. Earn such companies on the agency commission. The…

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A look at the offices of the future: where and how will the new generation work

Some statistics

A survey of the popular HeadHunter job search site showed that in early 2019, more than 31% of modern workers chose remote work. Of these, 14% are free freelancers and 17% are remote employees in the company. The highest share of independent employees is in the Moscow, Samara and Rostov regions. And in a couple of years, the main part of the labor market will be occupied by representatives of generation Z – people who are extremely interested in free relations with the office and work.

Generation Z and his attitude to office work

What are the key features of the Z generation? These people are advanced and modern, they love trends and track market trends. However, many of them are infantile and spoiled. They want fast career growth, good positions and interesting tasks. It is difficult for them to carry out routine work and participate in lengthy work processes. Continue reading

How to choose an office

If a theater starts with a hanger, then a business begins with an office. It is difficult to overestimate its value, and choosing an office space is also not easy. However, there are rules, following which you can make the right decision.

The most important thing is to understand what exactly you need, “formulate a request”.

It would seem that it is very simple – you need to choose an office. But which one? .. How many people will work in it? Where should it be located geographically? What characteristics do you have? How much is it? All these questions should be answered before starting the search for an office space. talked with experts in the field of commercial real estate and identified 6 steps towards an ideal office. Continue reading

Fictional Infrastructure Cities: Gotham

Batman’s homeland is, of course, an invented city, but in its image there are a lot of details that are peculiar to very real American megacities. It is still not known for certain which of them served as the main prototype. According to various versions, it could be Chicago, and Vancouver, and Vancouver. That’s because Batman’s mythology has been formed over the decades by different authors who have different ideas about what the background should be for the deeds of a superhero. The result was something like a letter from Uncle Fedor to his parents. Dennis O’Neill, one of the comic book authors, gave the following definition: “Gotham is Manhattan below 14th Street at eleven minutes past midnight on the coldest November night.” Indeed, Gotham has many similarities with New York. Continue reading

Blazhey Bernard Reiss: “In the near future – the launch of the Cofix Inside concept”

Not so long ago, changes occurred in the top management of the Russian representative office of Cofix. The new general director of Urban Cocofix Russia, Blazhei Bernard Reiss, gave his first interview to the information portal, in which he spoke about new collaborations of the network, about upcoming changes in the assortment matrix of coffee houses and about immediate plans for the development of Cofix.

Tell us about collaborations with other brands? Besides Tele2 and Moskhoztorg, are similar plans planned for cooperation?

Cofix was one of the first companies to successfully implement collaborative collaborations with telecom operators. And if earlier the marketing component was the key factor of this cooperation, now the opportunity to make rent more profitable for both parties is coming to the fore. Continue reading

What should be considered in the design of the shopping center?

In the process of managing the shopping center, owners may encounter problems, the cause of which lies in the design of the mall. It is most difficult to solve them, because this will require reconstruction of the building. Vitaly Lvova, Director General of PromotionRealty Marketing Communications Agency, talks about what to consider at the design stage of a shopping facility.

From a technical point of view, a shopping center, like any building, consists of transformable and supporting structures. And the profitability of the trading object depends on how correctly the second ones are placed. Mistakes made during the design can become critical. It is possible to partially correct them by competent seating of operators and logistics of customer flows, but only the reconstruction of the building will completely correct it. Continue reading

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How to choose an office
If a theater starts with a hanger, then a business begins with an office. It is difficult to overestimate its value, and choosing an office space is also not easy.…


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