Business idea: how to open a business on renting an apartment
Before we get started Explore hotel deals. Take an interest in the quality of service and the cost of living. This service is not new, the situation with competition from…

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"Limiting construction volumes gives a chance for good architecture
At the VRN Architecture architectural forum, representatives of the professional community discussed the evolution of the urban environment, as well as the circumstances that contribute to this process or, conversely,…

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Justin Wilshaw, Senior Vice President, Commercial Affairs, Dubai South, on the prospects and benefits of investors in Dubai, the development of the luxury housing market and the Dubai South project.…

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Business in Dubai

A paradise for investors and businessmen is the second name of the city of Dubai. The plans of Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al-Maktoum, the ruler of Dubai, and the government of the emirate as a whole are reduced, according to their own statements, to create a “safe paradise” here. We must pay tribute to the efforts of the ruling circles and note the unconditional desire to make comfortable not only the conditions for those almost 3 million people who live in the city, but also to attract new expatriates and investments in Dubai.

Of course, the economic climate plays a significant role in this, that is, in other words, the conditions for doing business both by local entrepreneurs and foreign investors. What are these conditions? Let’s start the analysis in order to answer all possible questions as completely as possible. Continue reading

Property Ownership and Ownership in Thailand

The first thing I discuss with my clients as part of an investment consultation on the acquisition of real estate in Thailand is ownership. Often, my clients or do not have any idea about the methods of owning real estate, or this knowledge is fragmentary, obtained from incompetent sources, were incorrectly interpreted, or were intentionally distorted by unscrupulous market participants. To fill the knowledge gap, as well as try to systematize all the information necessary for the investor on the methods of owning real estate in Thailand, I wrote this article.

For an investor in foreign real estate, in addition to profitability, the issue of ownership rights is always an acute issue. The national legislation of different countries is radically different, and Thailand has very specific differences from what a citizen of Russia, Belarus or Ukraine is used to seeing in their homeland. Continue reading

We open a franchise of a real estate agency: how everything is arranged and how much you can earn

Real estate companies help arrange real estate transactions, taking care of all organizational issues: from finding options to concluding a mortgage agreement. Earn such companies on the agency commission. The volume of real estate transactions conducted in Russia is comparable with the volume of the country’s budget, so a real estate agency is a profitable business with large average receipts.

You can open a real estate company in your city by franchise. The federal company Etazhi is present in more than 80 cities and six countries and sells franchises to cities with a population of 50 thousand or more. The company ranks third in Russia in the rating of franchises of the Biboss portal and the first in the services sector.

This material contains answers to the main questions related to the opening of a successful real estate agency.

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How to open and not to close the real estate business in six months?

Successful Realtor Business: A Benchmark
Surely, many of you noticed such a sad fact: a bright banner on the ground floor of the house with the inscription “We opened!”, And six months later there was a no less bright banner with another message: “For rent”. What steps and decisions lead to failure of real estate startups? And why is it easier to develop a business under a strong brand? About this – in an interview with Denis Vtorushin, head of the launch line of the federal real estate company Etazhi.
– Denis Alexandrovich, how many franchisee partners do Etazhi have today? How often are potential business partners new to business? And how great are their chances of achieving success? Continue reading

Coworking for nails, eyebrows and hair

A new trend in the commercial real estate market is the creation of beauty coworking. Experts assure that the future is behind this format, and the hourly rental of jobs for parkers, cosmetologists and manicure masters can supplant classic beauty salons.
The first coworking (from English co-working – “working together”) – premises with furniture and office equipment, in which, unlike ordinary offices, you can rent a workplace or meeting room for a short period of time: several hours or a whole day, – appeared in Russia ten years ago. Initially, the format was designed for a more affordable and affordable analogue of business centers. Then, coworking began to specialize: in addition to office ones, they began to create creative, craft or carpentry. “The peculiarity of these coworkings is that the spaces are fully equipped for the full work of the masters: Continue reading

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Business in Dubai
A paradise for investors and businessmen is the second name of the city of Dubai. The plans of Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al-Maktoum, the ruler of Dubai, and the government…