Business idea: how to open a business on renting an apartment
Before we get started Explore hotel deals. Take an interest in the quality of service and the cost of living. This service is not new, the situation with competition from…

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Scooter rental - the idea of a summer business
Another very interesting line of business in the summer is scooter rental, they are also scooters. Making money on pleasure is a pleasant experience, in addition, from the point of…

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How to open and not to close the real estate business in six months?
Successful Realtor Business: A Benchmark Surely, many of you noticed such a sad fact: a bright banner on the ground floor of the house with the inscription “We opened!”, And…

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Hard times: how to capitalize on the crisis

To live with dignity, you must work hard. This thesis is especially relevant during the crisis in the field of individual entrepreneurship. In this case, the person works for his own well-being and for his family. And you can improve your life, knowing how to capitalize on the crisis.

Doing business in crisis

There is an opinion that today’s crisis was created artificially, and its creators earn trillions of dollars in this situation. What should ordinary people do? Do not sit back, thinking about the insurmountable difficulties of life and universal injustice. You need to try to use the chance given by fate – to turn your life in the other direction. That is, it is precisely with the help of the crisis that to start everything from a white sheet, recalling old unrealized dreams. After all, our difficult time is a great opportunity for personal growth, the fulfillment of cherished desires. Continue reading

Top Business Ideas and Franchises from Around the World

How easy is it to open your real estate agency from scratch
Quite often, young entrepreneurs think about opening their real estate agency from scratch. This is due to the fact that a person at the time when he is buying an apartment or a house is seriously thinking about how much money could be earned by just organizing a meeting between the seller and the buyer.

Real estate agency opening

However, most often such a business is opened by former real estate agents. This is because they have the necessary experience, knowledge, and in some cases a database (everything will depend on how decent the employee was and how well the former employer is able to protect information). Continue reading

How to open an elite real estate agency

Real estate transactions are one of the most profitable commercial events. The cost of apartments and country houses in recent years shows statistics of steady growth, therefore, even secondary housing is sold with a tangible “margin”.
As for the elite real estate, the attention to it decreased slightly only in the “dashing” times of the economic crisis.

Potential sellers

Who can sell luxury real estate? What qualities should a potential seller of elite housing have?
No need to explain that experience in this sales area is vital. Unprofessionalism is the enemy of reputation, a friend of ruin. Continue reading

Small Business Idea: Capsule Hostel

Japanese clerks quickly embraced this idea, seeing a lot of advantages in such an inexpensive hotel. Most of the employees went to work from the suburbs, and therefore, they spent a lot of time on the road. In addition, daily trips in crowded vehicles are too tiring.

Kisho Kurokawa developed this project and offered an excellent alternative to clerks – hard workers. Only here the Soviet people could not appreciate this idea, considering it humiliating and crazy. Europeans who love comfortable conditions did not like this idea either.

Small Business Idea: Capsule Hostel

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Mobile homes: a fresh business idea from the USA

Do you know that in the USA and Great Britain one of the most successful businesses is the maintenance of the mobile housing park? If you still think that mobile housing are trailers that are imposed on us in various series and films, then this is not at all the case.

Now mobile housing differs from capital only in its service life. The appearance of the house is practically indistinguishable from an ordinary house, in the factory it is produced according to a standard project with all the accessories and “chips” laid.

In most cases, such a mobile real estate park most resembles a small neat village with typical buildings.

Mobile homes – reality or fiction?

What is the difference between mobile homes? Continue reading

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Business built on the lease of movable and real estate
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Business idea: how to open a business on renting an apartment
Before we get started Explore hotel deals. Take an interest in the quality of service and the cost of living. This service is not new, the situation with competition from…


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